Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GBP/USD 1,6394

Pound's retreat from 1.6420 high yesterday found support at 1.6315 on US session, and the pair picked up , to consolidate between 1.6345 and 1.6385 during Asian session, half way through the weekly range.

On the upside, immediate resistance lies at 1.6385 (session high), and above here, 1.6405/20 (May 9/10 highs), and 1.6465 (May 6 high). On the downside, below 1.6445 (session low), next support levels lie at 1.6315 (May 10 low) and 1.6270 (May 9 low).

Technical indicators suggest intraday upside moves for today according to the, technical team: "Stochastic provided positive signals support the intraday upside move today; the upside move requires b breaching 1.6455 and stability above 1.6300."



  1. after all it stayed very stable.

  2. those are some high numbers

  3. Glade I found this blog, could be very helpful.

  4. Man, the way these things change is absurd!

  5. when do you think will be the best month/period to import technogoly from Asia. Paying in US Dollar of course.