Tuesday, November 1, 2011

EUR/USD 1,3677

The EUR/USD is plunging across the board since the Asian session, passing by the European opening and now the American. During the European session, the pair was using the 61.8% Fib from Jan-9 low as a support area, but the American session opening led the pair down to 1.3649.

At the moment of writing, the EUR/USD trades at 1.3682 and remains bearish, according to FxMarketAlerts Team: “It seems NY specs are behind the latest round of spot losses in EUR/USD and AUD/USD, though this will come as little surprise as they react to the news of the Greek vote of confidence, but more ominously the referendum on the new bailout package. This is effectively a vote on Euro zone membership, and has been duly taken as such, with EUR/USD looking to improve on the lows set at 1.3675 thus far".

On the upside, 1.3723 (session high) and 1.3829 (100-H4 MA), followed by 1.3900 (psychological level) may offer resistance at those areas. On the downside, support may be found at 1.3678 (200-H4 MA), followed by 1.3649 (daily low) and 1.3582 (Oct-12 low).

source: fxstreet.com