Tuesday, May 10, 2011

EUR/USD 1,4373

Euro retreat from Asian session high at 1.4375 has found support 100 pips lower at 1.4270, and the pair bounced back favoured by the positive opening of European markets, regaining previous losses and returning to 1.4375.

On the upside, above 1.4375, the pair might find resistance at 1.4440 (May 9 high) and 1.4575/90 (May 6 highs). On the downside, immediate support lies at 1.4250/70, (May 9 low/day low), and below here, 1.4200 (April 18 low) and 1.4155 (April 17 low).

EUR/CHF found support at 1.2485/00 area to bounce up strongly at European session opening, surging about 130 pips to test resistance at 1.2630, which so far, remains intact, as the pair pulled back top 1.2570/80 area.

source: fxstreet.com


  1. lets hope the positive openings stay positive

  2. Time for changing currency :D

  3. Really interesting, I know it was a while ago but I wonder if the head of the fed's press conference has had major effects on the global economy.

  4. interesting info you got there!

  5. well i have noticed that the dollar is more accessible in my country as long as my currency stabilizes all is well