Thursday, April 21, 2011

EUR/USD 1,4566

Stocks rose in the US, reaching fresh multi-year highs. Optimism arising form corporate earnings managed to offset weak economic data. Among currencies the Dollar lost ground once again across the board but managed to recover ground during the American session, ending the day off session lows.

The DOW gained 0.42%, posted the third consecutive increase and finished for the second day in a row at the highest level since June 2008 at 12,505. The NASDAQ and the S&P 5000 ended up 0.63% and 0.53% respectively. All the stock indexes finished the week higher. Tomorrow US and European stock markets will be closed. Gold climbed to new record highs for the fifth consecutive session and peaked at $1,508.

Dollar repeats yesterday’s performance
Greenback fell across the board on Thursday but during the American session trimmed losses in the market, rebounding from daily lows. The EUR/USD pulled back below 1.4600 to 1.4530, erasing most of it gains, but still able to end with mild gains.

The Pound rose in the market supported by upbeat UK economic data. Despite being unable to rise above 1.6600, GBP/USD finished on top of 1.6500, posting the highest daily close since December 2009.

The Swiss Franc reached once again new record highs against the Dollar, confirming its uptrend. The Kiwi and the Aussie finished higher against the Dollar, after reaching multi-year highs. The Loonie also climbed to a multi-year high but weakened considerably in the market on American hours, falling sharply across the board.



  1. dammit cause all i own is us currency

  2. It doesn't seem to matter how well the dollar does, all the power of my country is now in the hands of the corporations.

  3. Just when I think I have a handle on things, it turns out I don't have a clue how to predict this!

  4. wow its crazy how things change rapidly

  5. Informative post, thanks