Thursday, April 14, 2011

EUR/USD 1,4419

The Euro has been hammered across the board on European session, hit by renewed concerns about debt issues among several EU members, after the German Finance Minister hinted to about the possibility of debt restructuring in Greece.

EUR/USD recovery from 1.4405 was capped at 1.4515, right below one-year high 1.4520, to plunge about 130 pips lower during European session reaching day low levels at 1.4385.

EUR/GBP was capped at 0.8880 and the pair plunged on European session to 0.8820 low. EUR/JPY recovery from 120.20 low in Asia halted at 121.35, and the pair plunged about 160 pips to 119.70 low.

The Euro has been swept away by renewed debt fears, triggered by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, who affirmed yesterday that Greece might have to go through a debt restructuring process, which has boosted the prices of Greek bonds.



  1. the entire world is coming to an end because of our failed policies.

  2. Do you think dollar will ever drop like it did a couple of years ago?
    that was a great time to buy on eBay...