Sunday, May 6, 2012

EUR/USD 1.3080

The Euro's decline against the Dollar from 1.3175 seems to have found support at the 1.3080 after falling around 100 pips in the American session on the back of rumours about Greece leaving the area and next election in the Hellenic country and France.

After supporting at 1.3080, the EUR/USD has been trading in a slight recovery to teach levels close to the 1.3100 zone. Currently the pair is trading at 1.3090, 0.45% below today's opening price action. Pair remains "Strongly Bearish" and "Overbought" according to Technical Studies.

The single currency is being hammered just after the European close on rumours about certain Spanish banks insisting on another round of LTRO (LTRO3) and unconfirmed sources talking about the likeliness of Greece exiting the bloc.



  1. My stocks are also trending down. Sucks

  2. what is the best way to sell dinar? Any creative ideas?

  3. we have to be careful when dealing with trading currency..this will have a huge impact when its a huge amount..

  4. It still doesn't change the sad fact of how much the EUR has been going stronger than RSD in my country.

  5. that's actually pretty bad for me, I remember when the euro was worth roughly 1.41 dollars.

    Seems importing stuff from the US isn't quite as cheap anymore