Friday, April 27, 2012

EUR/USD 1,3246

Equity markets retraced losses and are edging higher on a new risk tone after digesting the Spanish rating downgrade to BBB+ by the S&P agency and the higher unemployment rate at 24.4%. The EUR/USD also bounced from its lows at 1.3157 in mid-European session and rallied up above the opening price of 1.3223 to print its high at 1.3243.

Since then, the pair has been stabilizing around the opening price, with some upside pressure as the NY session is ahead with the US GDP data due at 12:30 GMT.

“1.3250 area is providing near-term resistance for EUR/USD. We feel the euro should be sold into rallies ahead of next week’s key economic data and political events, including PMIs, ECB meeting, and the ongoing political cycle”, wrote BBH analysts headed by Marc Chandler.



  1. Yeah, I've been noticing this subtle drop in stocks too. Weird.

  2. yeah the euro is going up again i guess