Tuesday, June 14, 2011

EUR/USD 1,4447

Euros gained strength yesterday and once we broke 1.4385 we have carried on higher for the next resistance level of 1.4445.

According to Carol Harmer, Chief Analyst and Founder at Charmer Charts: "We may well find a small amount of sellers waiting around 1.4440/45 area and they will try and drive us lower back through 1.4385 to 1.4325 area."

She expands: "Around 1.4385/1.4325 zone, buyers will be waiting thus sellers are advised to cover all shorts to here. We would expect this lower support level to hold and for buyers to come back into the market and try and hold this up."

The British Analyst concludes: "Now as stated you have resistance at 1.4445/57. If then we break above 1.4460 we are expected to rise further with 1.4540/55 then the targeted area."

source: fxstreet.com


  1. It's on the rise apparently.

  2. Ive never even seen what a euro looks like :/

  3. Interesting post, never got into currency maybe it's time to. Followed!

  4. hopefully there can be a break and the targeted area is hit. It'll help with conversion rates when I get cash from relatives in the EU

  5. im just hoping usd goes up

  6. I am actually beginning to ask for payment in Euros with a couple of the companies that I worked for. I have a feeling it is going to end up the more stable currency.